Helping leaders, teams, and organizations thrive

Ideas2Impact is an innovative firm focused on helping people who want to change the world, and solve whatever problems matter the most to them. Our clients love using us to help with big picture challenges like defining strategy, mission, vision, and more tactical challenges like driving change, building capabilities, strengthening teams, facilitating workshops, and re-designing organizations.

3 Step Approach

Our approach to solving your most pressing business challenges involves discovery, design, and implementation phases .  

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Our Services

Ideas2Impact is all about helping you achieve your business goals. From helping you design and carry out strategy, to training your teams on decision-making, we help you navigate and implement the changes.

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Our Team

With decades of experiences in management consulting, education, and entrepreneurship, our team is equipped to deliver meaningful results.

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Emily is amazing. Incorporating her strategies on change, leadership, beliefs, and perspectives has not only helped me shape and focus my mentor program, but also it has changed my life. Because of Emily, I have the confidence and skills to nurture the personal and professional development of the teachers in my district. Emily’s passion is contagious!
— Mary Seidel, Staff Development Specialist