One of our primary goals has always been to "work with people that we would have invited to our wedding".  This has led us to work primarily with cause-driven firms full of people that are up to something big and bit crazy

Our clients share common traits...

Cause Driven

They know who they are and what they stand for – they are fighting for something


Passion fueled

They have a fire in the belly for what they do

innately curious

They love learning about themselves and the world, and are willing to try new ideas


relationship focused

They are interested in building deep, authentic relationships for life

Emily was terrific and the content of her work with us was right on the mark. Her interactive style engaged our staff, validated our own life experiences and empowered us to construct our own learning. We are a stronger and healthier staff because of the work we did together, and I appreciate Emily so much for guiding us through this learning experience.
— Bob Wittman, Director of Community Education